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Lab & Radiology

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Lab services

General Chemistry

including glucose, kindey functions, electrolytes, etc. Also, Immunassay (PSA, TSH)

General Hematology

including white & red blood count, hemoglobin, platlets, etc. 

Blood Banking

including blood typing, x-matching, etc.

Routine Urinalysis 

routine urine testing

Prothrombin Time / INR

routine monitoring of anticoagulation therapy

Radiology Services
General X-Ray

Produces images of structures in the body using high-energy electromagnetic radiation. Painless procedure that can give valuable information on bone and joint helath, digestive tract problems, etc.

CT Scan

Uses x-ray images to creat cross sectional images. 


Imaging test to examine the internal organs using very high frequency sound waves. 


X-ray imaging to detect for prescence of tumor or lump in breast.


Image test that uses ultrasound to monitor the heart function


Produces tracings of heart activity to detect cardiac problems

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