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Hospital: 701-965-6384
Crosby Clinic: 701-965-6349
Care Center: 701-965-6086

Current Fundraising Projects and Needs

Foundation Tree

There are many funds to choose from when making a gift.  Every gift is appreciated and further strengthens our healthcare system. 

For more information, call the Foundation at 701-965-6384.



Your gift to the Endowment Fund never rests—its works continuously, in perpetuity, to meet current and future charitable and educational healthcare needs for Burke and Divide Counties.  As the world of healthcare becomes more uncertain, it is imperative that this fund continues to grow into a valuable resource.  Over the years, this fund has supported St. Luke’s Hospital’s mission in very unique and meaningful ways.  Every gift we receive further strengthens the Foundation’s abilities to help St. Luke’s maintain and preserve healthcare for the community, and for that, we are most grateful.


Donor designated funds are funds that are restricted for a specific purpose by the donor.  The donor’s entire gift is used to purchase equipment or to meet a special need.


St. Luke’s Hospital

Development Fund

This fund strengthens hospital programs, enhances medical technologies, helps attract the best clinical staff, helps maintain a healing environment, reduces debt, or funds an important capital project for St. Luke’s Hospital & Clinics.

St. Luke’s Scholarship Program

The St. Luke’s Scholarship Program is a recruitment strategy to ensure the community we serve has the medical professionals it needs in the future. Students who have been accepted into a college of nursing, physical therapy, radiology technology, or other medical program specific to our practice are eligible to apply.  Students will be required to accept full or part time employment in return.

*NEW* Infusion Administration Service



Sunrise Care Center


Replace Flooring

Replace Air Conditioners/Heaters on Roof 

Walk-in Freezer/Cooler

Other Needs:

  1. a) Entertainment/Activities
  2. b) Physical Therapy
  3. c) Resident Needs
  4. d) Furnishings
  5. e) Undesignated (where needed most)


Northern Lights Villa


Your gift will purchase a generator to provide heat and power to the facility during outages.

Paving Project