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Patient Financial Services

At St Luke’s Medical Center, we take our role as a community hospital very seriously. Our doors remain open to anyone who needs emergent medical care, regardless of his or her ability to pay.

When you visit St. Luke’s Medical Center, a specialist will assist you with filling out paperwork that will allow us to treat you and work with your insurance company. For your protection and safety, you will be asked to provide your photo ID and Insurance card each time you visit us for your healthcare needs. These initial steps will help to ensure we have your most current information.

We will be collecting the patient responsibility portion on hospital applicable fees/charges and we ask that you please remember treatment at our hospital can result in several bills depending on the services provided. For example, if your physician orders blood tests for you, you may receive a pathology bill in addition to your St. Luke’s Medical Center billing statement. If your physician orders X-rays for you, you may receive a bill from the Radiologist for their reading fee. In any case, we provide all appropriate members of your healthcare team with your insurance and billing information. However, these parties have payment policies and billing procedures of their own and you should contact them with any inquiries regarding their billing statements.


The purpose of the admission process is to obtain information about you in order to provide appropriate care during your hospital stay. You will also be given information to help make your stay easier, and you will be given an opportunity to ask questions about your hospital stay and how billing for services will be managed.

Patient Financial Services Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST

If you are inquiring about your insurance, private pay, or your statement, please contact our specialist at 701-965-6384.

You will receive a statement after your insurance has paid on your claim. The balance is due within 30 days.


St. Luke’s Medical Center will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. We will do everything possible to expedite your claim. Please remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance provider. You have the final responsibility for payment of your hospital bill.

Understanding Your Bill For St. Luke’s Medical Center Radiology Services

St. Luke’s Medical Center has contracted with a radiologist group based in Minot, North Dakota.

When you have a radiology procedure performed at St. Luke’s Medical Center, you will generally receive two separate bills:

1.      A bill from St. Luke’s Medical Center. This covers the technical components of the radiology procedure. Essentially this covers the hospital’s cost to produce the images.  We use several systems to calculate the appropriate cost associated with any procedure. We make every attempt to keep our pricing for exams very competitive when compared to other hospitals in our geographical area. If you have any questions or concerns about the bill you received from the hospital, please contact our billing office at 701-965-6384.

2.      A bill from Trinity Imaging. This is the professional component of the exam, which is the fee paid to the radiologist for interpreting the images and generating a report.  Because Trinity Imaging does their own billing, their bill may come to you weeks after your hospital bill arrives or vise versa.  If you have questions or concerns about your Trinity bill, please call them at (701) 857-5105.

Payment Arrangements:

We offer a number of flexible payment options. Payment plans must be arranged through a financial counselor.

Three month payment plan:

Under this plan, you may pay your bill in three equal installments to the hospital over a three month period with no interest, if the a plan is set up with one of our service representatives.

Twelve month payment plan:

Under this plan, you may pay your bill in twelve equal installments to the hospital over a twelve month period with minimal interest.

Long-term financing program:

If you cannot pay your bill in full within twelve months, you may extend your payments through an unsecured loan at a favorable interest rate.

Charity Care assistance program:

Charity Care assistance is available for qualified applicants. Partial or full adjustments may be made based on your financial need. For information please contact a financial counselor directly.

Insurance payments to patients:

Your insurance company may pay you directly for the care we provided. It is the your responsibility to forward those payments to St. Luke’s Medical Center to pay for that care.

Financial Counselors:

St. Luke’s Medical Center’s commitment to improving the health of our community means ensuring that everyone has access to quality medical care. We want to make your bill payment as easy and stress-free as possible. Our financial counselors can assist you in determining if you may qualify for benefits through your employer, the state and/or other assistance programs. The financial counselors can also assist with determination of your insurance benefits, the billing and claim process, as well as with payment options or Charity Care questions. We provide qualified financial counselors in the Business Office to assist you with your financial questions or concerns during your stay with us. A counselor can be reached Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.

Your Financial Options:

Medicare/Medicaid is designed for low income adults, children, and other special needs patients that qualify under Federal and State guidelines. You can call your local (county) Health and Welfare Department for more information and to see if you qualify. You should be aware that the Medicare specifically excludes payment for certain items and services, such as cosmetic surgery, hearing evaluations, personal comfort items, and some oral surgery procedures. Certain pharmacy items are not covered as well. Deductibles and co-payments are your responsibility.

SSI/SSD are government programs that are available to patients who are unable to find sustainable employment due to a medical condition lasting longer than one year, or who have a condition that is expected to result in death. Please visit their website at www.socialsecurity.gov for more information and to apply for this program.

Victims of Crime may be eligible for financial assistance from the State, after all other options and programs have been used. In order to qualify, the crime must have been reported to a law enforcement agency and the victim must have cooperated with the investigation.

Other financial assistance programs are also available; visit with us today to find out more information