James Hodges

Physician Assistant

My Story

Jim is a Physician Assistant specializing in Emergency Medicine. Jim was raised in Denver, CO where he started his Professional Fire Service career at 19 years old. He has been practicing medicine for over 35 years starting out as an EMT/Firefighter. He completed Paramedic school in 1990 and has logged more than 15,000 Emergency 911 calls for service. He finished his career as a Lieutenant/Paramedic. Jim has a real passion for helping others and took an early retirement from the Fire Service to go back to school in 2007. Jim attended classes at University of North Dakota School of Medicine. Jim graduated with honors in 2014. He has 6 adult children and 11 grandchildren. He enjoys most outdoor activities. He lives in Center, Texas during the winter and Mayville, ND during the summers.


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